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Durga Marble Statue


View all our Hindu Goddess Durga Marble Statue in India. All our Durga statues are hand made in Asia.  Our Durga statues are hand crafted from bronze, brass, colored marbles, stone and wood.

The Hindu Goddess of Durga is the most powerful aspect of Devi. Durga means “the invincible” or “the inaccessible”.  Durga is considered the fiercer, demon-fighting form of Shiva’s wife, the goddess Parvati. Durga manifests fearlessness and patience, and never loses her sense of humor, even during spiritual battles of epic proportion.

We invite you to bring the power of the Hindu Goddess Durga into your home with one of our handmade Durga statues.

There are so many names and forms that the Goddess Durga boasts of, but her predominant mood is of the ferocious vanquisher of evil. Exotic India’s range of idols of this overpowering Indian goddess done up in brass, that also in a variety of finish each more superb than the other, will give you a hard time choosing which to take. Armed to the hilt, the halo of victory aglow around Her head, and quintessentially perched atop the king of the faunal kingdom, our collection of Marble sculptures of Goddess Durga is exhaustive and one-of-a-kind.

DURGA Mata Murti

Buy Divine Durga Statue, Durga Idols from High Quality Real Marble.

Bring Super Luxurious Goddess Durga Statue for Home, Office and Temple in USA and Australia.

Durga is an epitome of immense strength and courage. The goddess is worshiped worldwide. It is believed that Mother goddess has the power of all gods and nature. This powerhouse Maa Durga statue is available at Coral Scultpure in its classic posture. Maa Durga comes with eight arms holding various weapons and sitting on her lion.

Exceptional Quality of Durga Mata Statues Available Online

We are one of the leading organizations engaged in offering a wide range of Durga statues that are exclusively designed by our skilled craftsmen, these are crafted using optimum quality raw material. Widely acclaimed by our clients for its exceptional features such as perfect finish, captivating design and smooth edges, our statues are designed in according to the industry quality standards.

Designed carefully from White Durga Mata Marble Statue

We at Coral Sculpture believes in serving you with the finest quality products thus, our products go through various quality parameters before delivering to the client. We are acclaimed in the industry for our superior quality products. Our artisans and expert take utmost care of satisfying our customers with exceptional quality products. Our Durga marble statue are also available in wide range of sizes and designs and are pocket-friendly.

Bring strength and power to your home by placing the Maa Durga Statue. Maa Durga will bless your family with the courage to fight with the odds of life. We are leading manufacturer and dealer of Durga statue and serve you with the finest quality products at reasonable prices. Our quality standard is the biggest asset.

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We offer a great deal of Durga Statues or Durga idols for home décor and gifting. Each statue depicts a particular mood of Goddess Durga. It is the best time to grab the high quality statue of Durga at our online store and get it delivered in USA and Australia.

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