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Hindu God Marble Idols

Marble Hindu God Idols

Statue of Marble Ganesh:

Ganesh Moorti Art is specialised in making marble Ganesh statues, as the name suggests. So, we provide a variety of Ganesh statues such as Bal Ganesh, Ganesha Idol, Riddhi Siddhi Murti, White Stone Ganesh murti, Black Marble Ganesha Statue, and Ganesh statues with different colours, designs, styles, and textures. On top of that, you can buy different sizes at different prices that fit your room and suit your budget. So, naturally, it became the top seller among other murtis of gods.

Statue of Maa Durga

Maa Durga is a symbol of Nari Shakti or woman empowerment, and we value religious beliefs. Therefore, we make the best quality marble durga statue, and our craftsmen put their detailed work into it. So, people all over the world order our Durga murti and it is also one of our top-selling products. We offer a wide range of Durga murti collections, and you can choose any colour, design, and texture. On top of that, we provide these mesmerising Durga murtis at a very affordable price.

Statue of Hanuman

We have an amazing collection of veer hanuman statues, panchmukhi hanuman idols, hanuman ji Moorti, and blessed Hanuman ji. So, you can choose any colour and texture to buy the hanuman murti from our store.

Our craftsmen expertly sculpted these hanuman murtis and put details to make them realistic.

Statue of Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna is a symbol of eternal love and people deeply idolize and respect them. So, we offer a wide collection of beautiful and top-quality Radha Krishna murtis. Therefore, you can choose Radha Krishna deities, marble Radha Krishna murtis, Bal Krishna statues, Iskcon Krishna statues, Krishna with cow idols, and other options.

Statue of Laxmi Mata

Laxmi Mata is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. So, customers often buy and worship Maa Laxmi marble murtis for their financial growth and religious beliefs. Therefore, we value their sentiment and manufacture the murti with exclusive standards. We maintain quality by providing unmatched finish and elegance and sell it at affordable prices.

You can choose different colours, sizes,s and textures on this murti.

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