Krishna Marble Statue in India

Krishna Marble Statue in India

Best Marble Krishna Statue, Idol, Murti at Best Price

Discover the divine charm of Krishna marble statues, meticulously handcrafted with devotion and expertise by Ganesh Moorti Art. As a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of marble krishna statues, we present an enchanting collection that encapsulates the eternal charisma of Lord Krishna. Carved with precision from the finest quality marble, our Krishna statues radiate an ethereal aura, captivating the hearts of devotees and art enthusiasts alike. Each sculpture showcases the divine beauty and grace of Lord Krishna, portraying his mesmerizing features and enchanting expressions with unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether adorning your sacred space or adding a touch of spirituality to your home decor, our Krishna marble idols exude a divine presence and create a serene ambiance. With a wide range of sizes and designs available, our statues make for ideal gifts and cherished possessions. Embark on a spiritual journey with our extraordinary creations from Ganesh Moorti Art, and invite the divine blessings of Lord Krishna into your life.

We are a renowned leading krishna marble statue manufacturer and exporter in Jaipur, India, offering a wide range of little krishna marble idol, white marble krishna idol, bal gopal krishna marble moorti at the best price with different colours, textures, designs, and sizes. However, we are famous for providing different types of Marble Krishna statues.

Our finest craftsman and expert manufacturing team makes these top-quality marble krishna statues with finer details and a top-notch finish. So, let's find out the most famous Krishna marble idols of us with detailed descriptions:

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Little Krishna Marble Idol Manufacturer and Exporter in India

We are a leading krishna marble statue maker, supplier and exporter in Jaipur, India. We manufacture top-quality Krishna marble murti and offer them to our customers. Therefore, our standard Krishna marble moorti is the most common among other Krishna statues. We are known as the best marble god statue manfacturer in India.

  • White Marble Krishna Statue

  • Designer Cow Little Krishna Marble Idol:

  • White Marble Krishna Idol

  • Bal Gopal Krishna Marble Statue:

  • Marble Lord Krishna Statue with Flute:

We offer you an amazing collection of little Krishna marble murti at very affordable prices. So, If you want to explore more collections and know more about the description and delivery service, you must visit our page and select your perfect Krishna marble statue.

Additional Information on Marble Krishna Idol

Here we are providing you with some information about the krishna marble idol. If you have any custom designs of Krishna statue, send it, and we will make them for you at the best price.

Brand Ganesh Moorti Art
Origin Jaipur, India
Pattern Pure White / Black / Colored (Painted) 
Position Standing, Sitting, Sleeping, Meditation
Sizes 12-inch to 72 inches (1ft - 6ft)
Material Makrana/Vietnam Marble (As per requirements)
Packaging Type Protective / Wooden Box
Delivery Time 10-25 days
Usage/Application Worship, Home, Office, Temple
Customize We can also customize as per client requirement
Religious Hindu
Price Depending on size, Marble quality, Carving work, finishing, Painting, etc

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