Marble Hans ji Maharaj Statue Maker

Hans Rām Singh Rawat, called Shrī Hans Jī Mahārāj and by various other honorifics (8 November 1900 – 19 July 1966), was an Indian religious leader.

We made Shri Hans ji Maharaj Marble statue in year 2019 and the statue was live size in pure white Superfine grade Veitnam marble. Along with we made live size   Marble Statue of Rajeshwari Devi aka Jagatjanani Shri Mata Ji ('Holy Mother') live size. 

Our primitives start the habit of making statues and sculptures of human status and it still continues to this era. However, the making process and the details of the work change and develop with the change of time.

Ganesh Moorti Art continues the art of sculpting human statues by using advanced technology with the combined help of expert sculptors, craftsmen, and manufacturers. Therefore, they produce the most realistic and detailed marble human Statues using the best quality marble in the market and other relative products.

  • We maintain the overall quality and durability of our product and put realism in our statue.
  • We make stone alive, is our catchphrase that perfectly justified our product quality.
  • We make statues of freedom fighters, religious Persons, popular celebrities, and other legends. However, we customize statues to your requirements and even make these from scratch as per your given picture.

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